The Knitty Project – with Voting!

I had an idea to knit one project from every issue of Knitty (a free quarterly online knitting magazine).  I’ve made several things from Knitty already, and have several more in my Ravelry queue.  Going through the Knitty archives, turns out there are a few issues that I’m not crazy about, or wouldn’t knit anything from, I think. I’m not sure though, which is where your input would be helpful.

Here’s my list so far:

The Clapotis with Nessie
The Clapotis with Nessie
  • Fall 2004 – Clapotis
    • I made this for our trip to Scotland, where it came in very handy.  I’ve been wearing it this winter as an extra-warm scarf.
  • Winter 2004
  • Spring 2005
  • Summers 2005
  • Fall 2005 – Falling Leaves Socks
  • Winter 2005 – Pomatomus Socks / Thuja Socks
  • Spring 2006 – Hedera Socks
Highland Reel Socks
Highland Reel Socks

Spring 2008 – Froot Loop Sock

  • Summer 2008 – Ziggy Socks
  • Fall 2008
  • Winter 2008
  • Spring 2009 – Reverie
    • I wanted a hat to go with my Clapotis, and was considering trying to design a beret with dropped stitches that would mimic the Clapotis pattern. Turns out, someone else already did!

Notice there are several issues for which I haven’t yet chosen a pattern, which presents an opportunity to ask for input from other knitters. Working backwards, I’ll start with the Winter 2008 issue of Knitty. I’ve selected 5 possibilities, so the question is:

What Should I Knit - Knitty Winter 2008?

Total Voters: 8

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Check out the patterns, and then come back and vote! The poll will be open until May 11, and the pattern with the most votes will be next on my list.

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2 Responses to The Knitty Project – with Voting!

  1. I just wanted to let you know that your post inspired me to make a little knitting schedule. Thanks so much, and keep posting!!!

  2. Nana says:

    Please tell Kaity that she should make the Socktopus. Doodle would absolutely love one. She likes her toys as flippity floppity as possible. The cats would like them too. I could provide the home grown organic catnip. For Christmas maybe? I might also provide some yarn if she will accept something other than pure wool. She could also make them for the shelter/humane society, whichever, that she works/worked for in Lawrence. The kitties and puppies there would like them too. Just an idea.

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