Day 32: New In Town

Newish, anyway - I'm one month old!
Newish, anyway - I'm one month old!


In keeping with the theme, Mommy found this weekend, which provides a variety of activities for new parents and babies.  And while Mommy technically isn’t a rookie mom, at times she certainly feels like one.  It’s amazing how much you forget, or maybe not, considering how little sleep new moms get. Here’s our did do list (items crossed off) for the first month, in no particular order:

  • Learn how to feed baby – Can be more difficult than it sounds, even if you’ve done it before. After a month, we’re finally getting the hang of it. Now if we could just figure out how to help me be less gassy.
  • Stick out your tongue – I was born doing this. Literally.  The midwife even commented on it.  Sometimes Mommy and Daddy do it back to me. They look really silly.
  • Play music – We listen in the car, and at night before bed.
  • Gaze lovingly – Everyone who holds me does this.
  • Start a baby book – We have a baby book, does that count?  Thanks Nana & Poohpah!
  • Bounce it out – Mommy tried this, but I’m not a big fan of the yoga ball yet.
  • Call your Grandma – Or all the grandmas, and great-grandma, too!
  • Observe baby’s natural rhythms – Mommy’s not tracking them online, but we’re starting to get into a routine. And we now know that long car rides are not great for my natural rhythms.
  • Play some white noise for baby – My swing makes chirping cricket sounds. And I like NPR.
  • Hydrate – Mommy forgot her big water jug at the hospital, but she tries to have a glass of water nearby at all times.
  • Get out of the house -Not easy, but necessary.
  • Encourage Daddy time and relax already – No problem!
  • Get to know your gear – We’re thinking we need an Ergo.
  • Email your baby – This is a cool idea, kind of an online time capsule.
  • Remember yourself – Make a list of “five activities, pursuits, or interests that are important for me to remember in the year following childbirth.”
    • Knitting – Mommy didn’t get to knit in the car the other day, she ended up driving instead.  Daddies need a break, too. But her knitting is taunting her from the end table.
    • Reading – not breastfeeding books
    • Learning – Mommy starts class on Thursday
    • Exercise – I like taking walks, and Mommy misses them.  She’s taken to walking me up and down our street.
    • Have adult conversations – preferably  not about poop.
  • Cut up your bra – Mommy got Soothies instead.
  • Observe fearless Friday – Do something that scares you.  Suggestions include breastfeed in public, change a diaper in the trunk of you car, drive with the baby, etc. We’ve done all of these.
  • Assume the position – Maybe we should try this when I’m gassy.
  • Count the minutes – Time baby’s feedings.  We didn’t do this, because I eat all the time!
  • Join a Mom’s group – Mommy joined the summer mother’s group on Ravelry, and all of her girlfriends are mommies.
  • Pretend you’re in Europe – sounds heavenly!
  • Build a better Kleenex box – cute, but a total waste of time and money.
  • Soothe that baby – We’re still figuring this out, but I enjoy walking outside, pats on the back, and sometimes my swing.
  • Compose a picture with your other babies – still need to do this.
  • Get butt naked – Not Mommy, me! Showers are great for this, even though I accidentally peed on Daddy last time.
  • Drink beer – Not me, Mommy! It helps with milk supply. But Mommy doesn’t like beer; she’s eating oatmeal instead.
  • Count your friends – That way you know who to call after a sleepless night to bring you scones, chocolate, and moral support. Thanks, Anne!
  • Mitten up – Or gown up, if the gown has hand covers on the sleeves.
  • Write a did do list – And post it on your blog!
  • Go on a reconnaissance mission – Scope out places to feed me in public, so Mommy can get out of the house. Not really necessary since Mommy can feed me anywhere.
  • Survive breastfeeding – Getting there!
  • Take pictures to show growth – Charlie’s Project 365
  • Take a shower – Easier with me, but Mommy manages to squeeze one in here and there.
  • Create an easy time capsule – This one involves saving a disposable camera, but it’s getting harder to find places that will actually develop film, so our blog will do.
  • Convert a T-shirt into a newborn gown – I’m not a newborn anymore, and this is a little beyond Mommy’s crafty skills.
  • Put on your own oxygen mask first – Not always easy, but good advice.
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  1. Nana says:

    Help me please, Nana’s memory is not what it once was, okay, it is the same as it has been for years……happy now? Is this one of the onesies we got for Nunya? (At the time that was her name.) It looks familiar, but I’m just not sure. Regardless of where it came from, she looks most gorgeous in it.

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